The Sound of Value: A Staffing Prospective

STS Technical Services is Hiring Recruiters in Wisconsin

When was the last time a customer showed how much they value you? I mean… when was the last time a company really, explicitly said how important you are to their success? Bear with me. I have a little story to share. Read More!

Chuck Harrison

Chuck Harrison is the Vice President of Sales and Delivery for STS Technical Services.

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STS Technical Services: Taking Customer Satisfaction to a Whole New Level


At STS Technical Services (STSTS), we take great pride in satisfying our customers. And when we mention the word “customers,” we’re referring to two equally important groups – clients who require recruitment process outsourcing and the contract employees we hire to support those clients. Read More!

Carol Luedtke

Carol lives in Brookfield, Wisconsin, with her husband and daughter and is thrilled to be working at STS Technical Services. She admittedly loves her 15 minute commute and enjoys a wide variety of music; a passion that includes singing karaoke with her sisters, going to concerts and supporting her husband’s band. When she isn’t busy at work, Carol likes to spend her free time with family and friends. She also knows how to give a great Mary Kay facial just in case anyone’s interested. A few of her job responsibilities include onboarding new STS Contractors by reviewing paperwork and entering employment data. One of her most important responsibilities is collecting and verifying hundreds of contractor time sheets. “If we don’t get our contractors paid each week, we’ll lose them.” When asked about her experience working for STS, Carol said, “I love the fast paced and varied work I find myself doing. We have a great team at STS Technical Services that I truly enjoy interacting with every day.”

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Engineering Staffing Trends to Follow in 2015

Engineering Blog (ES)

Everyone would love to have a crystal ball to predict the weather, the outcome of a big game, lottery numbers, etc…  Unfortunately, crystal balls don’t exist outside of fiction. In business, that means we are forced to look at empirical data vs. statistical data in an effort to come up with the best case scenario for sales planning and execution. Included in that mix of data are many outside factors one most consider; things like contingent labor, technology and automation, manufacturing stateside as well as sustainability. All of these things directly reflect ongoing market trends throughout the evolving engineering industry, and breaking them down can provide accurate insights as to what’s coming next. Read More!

Eric Sanchez

Eric Sanchez is the Business Development Manager at STS Technical Services. If you have any questions about his work, feel free to contact him directly. --

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